Team development training


We use the color learning system of Insights Discovery to create a safe and interactive environment. But of course more psychological models and technique are used to:

  • Uncover team strengths
  • Enhance team understanding of each other
  • Improve appreciation of own and others contribution
  • Enhance team performance
  • Understand team problem solving
  • Uncover team weaknesses and potential blind spots
  • Discover team type

A Team Building Workshop should:

  • Be non judgmental
  • Focus on the strengths as well as potential pitfalls of all individual styles
  • Assist individuals and teams to work with their differences and learn to see them as strengths
  • Increase self awareness
  • Give a better understanding of others in the team 


  • Understand and control in situations on their own behavior and their effects on others.
  • More effective collaboration between teams. From “I” to “WE”.
  • Increasing confidence.
  • Cope with personal influence, authority, interests and negotiation situations.
  • Cope with resistance, miscommunication and disagreement.
  • Develop an effective, motivating and inspiring leadership style.

We design sessions that can enhance a team’s performance and appreciation of individual differences, and guide management and staff to develop and realize their personal, team and organizational goals.

Attention after the training

You can also count on my support after training. You can always ask me questions or present a situation. My attention for you does not stop after the training. Call, mail or app me, not only the first two weeks after the training but also later. 

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