Meet Madelon Barens

Meet Madelon Barens

I like to set people, teams and entire organisations in motion! Preferably on difficult is­sue­s. For example, issues relating to more effective collaboration, taking responsibility in a complex environment or creating a working environment that stimulates innovation. Uncovering and breaking existing patterns. Helping people to make the most of their talents and strengths. Allowing this to benefit themselves and gaining results for the organisation that they work for.

The people I work with are the key to their own success. People have to take respon­sibility and that momentum and development can only be realised through both reflection and experi­mentation. I contribute to this by mirroring, (critical) questions to ask, to focus on new ways to do things and if necessary, to advise. I’m not afraid to confront if it helps in striving to get the best result. This creates more insight and we translate that into opportunities and possibilities, so people see their own patterns. Clients appreciate my direct, enthusiastic and honest approach in achieving together the best possible sustainable result.

Facilitator, advisor and executive coach of (management) teams. I help people and teams to achieve their goals. I have a no-nonsense attitude, work with a lot of humour and I am always focussed on the desired outcome or impact. I don’t strive for perfection but enable people to adjust when needed and to set a small step out of their comfort zone.

I have gained significant experience as a manager in the corporate world; I know what it means to function in the dynamics of a changing organization. People that I’ve worked with describe my work method as direct and sometimes uncomfortable (which is what change is all about) but safe. I know how to put things into perspective, and I am not afraid to pinpoint the real issues at hand. I firmly believe in human potential. I like variety, humour and I have an independent spirit.

I’m happily married, lived for two and half years in Kenya, being my own change-agent. Mindfulness and yoga are part of my daily routine to focus on my needs and self-care. In my free time I love to play golf and to wine and dine with friends.

Love to talk about what you want to achieve.