Insights Discovery®

Insights Discovery®

Insights offers a comprehensive interpersonal and team learning technology. The programme facilitates greater understanding of one self and others; with this awareness an increase in personal effectiveness is achieved. In parallel, team interaction for the diversity that personality brings to the workplace.


The process

Before the programme begins all participants complete an on-line Insights 25 frame personality evaluator which generates The Insights Discovery Personality Profile. The profile only takes 20 minutes to complete. The profile is then generated and is handed out to the delegates at their session.

The workshops and sessions have the following objectives

  • All participants individually begin to know their own strengths and development opportunities;
  • Develop effective communication practices within the team, which is based on and keep account of the individual personality and skills of each team member; Effective communication.


As a team begin

  • To understand how the team dynamics work and what each individual’s contribution is;
  • A practical and colorful framework offers insight into your culture;
  • Learn how to tune consciously and add value to the team where he or she is part of.

The team has access to the following tools of Insights, in order to achieve the above objectives:

  • The individual Insights Discovery Personal Profile: Insight into their own work style and their impact on others;
  • Team Wheel: understanding the strengths and areas for team development (analysis based on all the individual profiles);
  • Interactive exercises;
  • Homework assignments


The following results can be expected:

  • The participants are aware of the differences between people and get more understanding, they have insight that different working styles can be complementary to each other rather than against each other;
  • The communication power of the participants has been increased;
  • The participants are able to make effective contact, to speak together and give each other guidance, leading to better performance and taking responsibility.

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