Female leadership

Female leadership

Masculine and feminine values

There are typical male values ​​and typically female values. Both men and women have both of them. In masculine values ​​we think of action, autonomy and individual freedom. Feminine values ​​are aimed at connecting, experiencing and working together. It’s not good or wrong, because it’s no contradiction, but a two unit. Society is still largely driven by men. Male behavior is often the norm. With the increasing female participation in the workforce and the established women’s quota, the time has come for a dynamic balance between male and female behavior for sustainable growth. Want to know more about it? Here you can read my article Female leadership

Research shows that women who have a more aggressive approach will make less promotion than women who have exhibited their female behavior. After eight years research, women with a bossy attitude became less likely to be promoted then the “more female women”. Men with the same bossy qualities, however, had made promotion.

In the work environment, it often goes about scores, successes, be better than the rest. These are all male values. Do you want to imitate this as a woman? Male and female energy should be complementary in companies. Do you let your female qualities, such as interconnecting thinking and relational skills, stand out and let go of the sticky floor?

  • Be you
  • Be heard
  • Be human

Make your male and female energy complementary.

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