Effective communication

NLP is about the process of communication and change. Who does not want to communicate better? And how does it actually happen that some people can do that? Natural talent, construction or can you sometimes learn this? NLP is more than a way of communicating. You use all your senses: eyes, ears, feel and taste. Communication with yourself and with others is central. NLP is a collection of skills and methods for understanding and changing inner experiences.


Everything we’ve experienced is stored in our memory. What we experienced in our lives was conducive to the development of our own “I”. The memories of our experiences, our feelings, thoughts and emotions control our behavior in the present time. Even if we do not want that behavior. In this behavior we meet each other. We get around and let things know from ourselves to the other; this is what we call communication.


That is about language. The language (spoken language and body language) that you communicate with yourself or with others.

Computer programming

While communicating, we can teach others, or others, something, learn or change. It’s not about programming but changing negative patterns in positive patterns in your brain to make you feel good. Discover what effect you have on people in your communication. Determine what effect you would like to have on yourself and your environment, your work, your loved ones. You’ll discover what’s needed, what you hold, and get started to get those results you want.

Eight steps of communicating effectively

How you communicate depends on the context, the people. If you want to be successful in your communication, take the following steps into account:

  • deliberately determining and setting up frameworks
  • respectful contact
  • getting information
  • target and result
  • detect and activate resources
  • take action
  • evaluation of the outcome aimed at the future
  • ecology check

Themes that may arise are often about personal effectiveness, communication, collaboration and leadership. NLP is not about why, but looking for the solutions.

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