Coaching trajectory

We believe in the Insights Discovery Profile as a base. The Insights  profile gives clear insight into your qualities, which your possible weak (re) points are and how and when you can maximize your unique qualities. It is not a test to assess competencies for a particular function. It gives you insight into yourself and a user manual to get more out of your cooperation with others. Do not a worry, your profile is a big compliment!

Personal goals and results

A coaching trajectory is a personal learning and development course. With honest and respectful feedback, we are looking forward to getting better in what you’re doing well and making you aware of your pitfalls. Which allows you to get even more from yourself. In order to achieve good results, the goals must be clear beforehand. That’s why we spend a lot of time in the intake. What should coaching do for you and what specific learning goals do you want to achieve? In addition to Insights Discovery we introduce NLP, yoga and mindfulness. You and the result is paramount. Usually, four to five conversations are sufficient to make the desired progress. Coaching ‘on the job’ can be part of a training program.

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